Sunday, October 9, 2011

Sunday is offical weigh in day...

...and I weigh the same as yesterday 120.6lbs. SO FUCKING CLOSE TO BEING UNDER 120 AGAIN. AH. So frustrated. Tomorrow I'm having my Thanksgiving meal so I'm worried I'm going to fuck up all my slow, so frustrating slow, progress. I hope not to be up more than 1lb Tuesday. *crosses fingers*

And some inspiration for the coming week:


  1. *sigh* I love hip bone thinspo. So inspiring. Good luck with the dinner! Just stay in control, remember that. Don't be frustrated! Patience is key, progress will come. Take care, love!

  2. So close! Just keep working and the number will budge I promise! Good luck with dinner, just remember small portions and lots of water :D

  3. I hope you had a nice Thanksgiving!! And you're close--you'll get there in no time. ;)