Friday, December 2, 2011


Slowly creeping down. Slowly. Slowly. Slowly.

I have my Xmas work party on Sunday night. My stomach is too big for my dress. The boyfriend offered to buy me a new dress. I still might try to find a new one, and save this dress for new years when hopefully I'm a lot smaller than I am now.

I need to break through my current plateau of 123ish pounds. I can't seem to get below it. I need to trigger myself into not giving in. I'm going to watch a bunch of ED related stuff which always seems to work. As well as just putting on the windows image viewer and watch my huge thinspo folder flick by on my screen. Never want to eat again after I do that.


  1. Don't give in!! We all reach a plateau, but it will pass if you continue to work at it :) xx

  2. You will get past the dreaded plateau!! Hang your dress up where you can see it as a constant reminder to stay strong :) and you will get to your goal!

  3. I love to watch Super Slim Me and Super Skinny Me on youtube. Good luck, honey!