Monday, May 16, 2011

I'm alive, and I miss you all so much

I'm mostly staying at my boyfriends house these days since I'm working so much and going to university. He doesn't have internet access (or cable). We are moving in together next week, and will be setting up the internet/cable to coincide with that move, so I will be back more then.

Things have been difficult lately. I'm back on medication for anxiety, though it may be changed if my doctor sends me to get tested for bipolar disorder. Which he implied that is what he thinks I have.

I gained 10lbs, but have lost 7 again, so who knows what I'll be next week. I just need to be 110 before July. New doable goal, I think.

I love and miss you all.



  1. missed you too! Wow, moving in? That's a big deal, congrats!
    I hope things get better, good luck!

  2. that's exciting about the move! good luck :)

    110 by July is definitely a doable goal.


  3. Yay for moving in together! :) That's exciting.

    How does he survive without internet?! Pretty much 99% of my school work requires the web.

    I'm sorry that you're struggling with anxiety. I'm dealing with the same thing. Prozac seems to help me the most but I also take Tranxene when I need it.
    And for anti-psychotics (which if they haven't given you already they will probably give them to you if you get diagnosed) I take Serequel. I've taken a lot of different things but Serequel is definitely the best in my opinion. Very low side effects *it makes you tired so you take it at night* but besides that it's nothing but helpful.

    Let us know how everything plays out!


  4. P.S. I totally know that girl in the thinspo pic, lol. Odd.

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