Sunday, April 24, 2011

Hoppy Easter

...or whatever.

I'm doing okay so far today. I did eat a few Swedish berries, for which I am a fiend, and typically would have a large bag gone in about 4 minutes. So that's a good thing. Dad bought me TONS of candy. AHHH. Also just made the stuffing, using an entire tub of earth balance, about half a loaf of bread and two stalks of celery. I made it early cause we are having so many little things that I want to get a few things done. I had a few sample bites while cooking. Feel fat because of it. Not eating until about 530 or 600 tonight. No meals Kandie. Remember that. Next I'm going to make my 'meat' side dish (beefless tips with onions and mushrooms).

Dad's scale weighed me in at 116 yesterday afternoon and about 117 this morning. Which was weird as I had a horrible bread craving after work yesterday and probably ate about 800 calories of bread with butter and vegan cheese when I got home. Disgusting, I know.

Tomorrow starts the SGD, which will kill me, as I know dinner tonight I will go into BINGE TIME NOAZ mode. And stretch my stomach out. Hunger pains for me tomorrow.

I called the gym, and I do have to pay. The summer term doesn't start till May 1st, so I won't be able to go next week. Alas. I will go when I come home from a funeral next weekend, or Monday, pay and work my ass off. UGH. I need to call my boss on Monday, as I asked for next weekend off (for a funeral) 3 weeks ago, confirmed with her last week, and she still booked me in. It was crazy yesterday at work, told her about the issue, and decided to deal with it on Monday when she wasn't completely frazzled and trying to control chaos (oh my god! the grocery store was closed yesterday and will be closed tomorrow, I need to shop! AHHH! Why weren't you opened yesterday? Why are you guys closed tomorrow? Duh, dumbasss customers, they are stat holidays. We have to be closed or they pay us way to much to be there, and since they are a cheap huge company, they chose to close), I figured not harping the issue would get me brownie points. A few people said they'd take my shift for me if I couldn't get it changed, but I want her to deal with it. It's a funeral. I didn't ask for it off for shits and giggles. AND SHE TOLD ME IT WOULD NOT BE A PROBLEM. They ALWAYS fuck up my time off requests. ALWAYS. I will not let this be an excuse to binge in frustration.


  1. Oh, bread cravings are the worst!! I tend to get them if I haven't eaten any grains in a couple days.
    And work sucks as well!! Too bad they're so cheap. People get paid pretty damn well for working on a public holiday.
    Happy Easter gorgeous girl, and good luck with the SGD.
    <3 <3 <3!!!

  2. Good luck with the SGD! The day after Easter is a great time to start... holidays are the worst when it comes to meal planning.

  3. Hey can you please refollow me? I'm formerly, but that got found out by a stupid mistake i made, and so my new blog is ShadowedSkeletons. My graphics Blog,HallowedBones, will remain the same, though I anon-ed some of the profile.

  4. Sorry about your boss. I used to have issues like that when I worked in retail. I got fired over something like that as well. The manager called an "mandatory emergency staff meeting" one Saturday night, and I happened to have concert tickets that night. I told her I bloody well was not going to a meeting she planned at the last second, since I'd had the concert tickets for months. So she fired me. >:(

    Sounds like you made a pretty awesome meal for Easter.
    Good luck with SGD!


  5. Gah I hate it when bosses pull shit like that! Just breathe through it and calmly remember she's an IDIOT. haha xx