Monday, April 18, 2011

It's been longer than I intended

But alas stress has done me in. I have been working myself into a panic and anxiety over everything lately, and something had to drop and unfortunately this blog was one of those things. But I should be more active. I have two weeks until my summer class starts. And a month and a half until I move in with the boyfriend, so I predict some AWOLness at the end of next month.

Weight is still around 120lbs. I'm thinking of doing the SGD again. And I am defiantly going to start up at the gym. I'm going to aim for 3 days a week to start. Add that to the things I need to do this week. Work up the courage to phone my university's gym. It should be free for full time students, but I was part time first term, and full time second so I'm unsure how they will count me over the summer (it's only $40 for part time students, but I would rather not have to spend the money, I'm so cheap).

I'm about to start scrubbing down my apartment. It needs a serious deep cleaning before we move out, then a cleaning after we get our shit out of here. I'd rather start chipping away at it now than wait. Plus vigorous house cleaning defiantly burns some calories.


  1. I'm one day two of the SGD! So far highly effective, and no purging thus far.
    good luck!
    xoxo evm

  2. Good luck moving houses, i'm the same. Can't to get into packing and cleaning. XD x

  3. sounds very very busy. Good luck sweetheart! x