Thursday, April 7, 2011


I wrote one essay and talked to my other professor and I'm all good. Except that I may have broken a finger today, so go me. It's making it hard to type, its my right pinkie finger. Which I never realized how much its actually used in typing. Wow this is taking me a long time to write in comparison to how I normally type. I've modified where my right hand is sitting, and my left hand has taken over a few letters but it's all conscious, so it's harder, ya know?

Been doing okay this week. I think I'm sitting around 118lbs, as I binged last night. I burned my mouth. Ugh. I'm starving right now but I don't want to eat anything when there is no one around to see me eat.

Have to write an essay and a take home exam then next Friday I have my in university exam. Then I'm off for two weeks. Then my one summer course for the month of may, then I\m done university for the summer. My phoenix vacation has now been moved to June, so yay more time to get bikini ready. Ugh. So not bikini ready.

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  1. Thanks for following. Love your blog, I’m almost caught up- I like to read them from the very beginning to the present. Good luck with all your exams and assignments, I’m swamped with work as well so I know how stressful it can be.