Monday, June 20, 2011

Okay Now that I have the time...

It's time to actually loose weight. Shocking I know. I mean, I literally have nothing else to do (not allowed to work until I'm sane again, which who knows when that will be). I can at minimum go for walks everyday for hours. I just haven't been. The crazy makes it hard for me to leave my apartment (and once I'm out I don't want to go back). Even if I'm here I still need to actually clean it and organize it, which will be a workout in and of itself.

My Dad has told me that when I get back from my vacation he's going to buy me a yoga pass since I enjoy doing it and it relaxes me. Which will be nice. On vacation in Phoenix I'll have access to the gym and pool everyday which I plan on using. In Ottawa I know my moms complex has a gym too (and a salt water pool), so I'll try to go there if it doesn't freak me out too much.

I was 118.6lbs yesterday which is my official weight for the week. I'm up today because of the shear amount of food I ate yesterday. I was going to fast today until my BF came home but I ate the rest of a bag of chips I had open (only about a handful in total, but it pisses me off that I did it). I'm seriously tempted by some veggie dumplings I have in the fridge but I'm going to wait until he gets home. I bought some tofutti ice cream thingies yesterday that are 30 cals each (but left them at my dads) but I'm going to get some for my apartment too. I will allow myself to eat them during the day if I desperately need something, but my plan is to only eat with others right now. No point in eating if no one is around to see it.


  1. - great studio lots of variety. If you're looking for one.

  2. The pool freaks me out so much, but trust me, the exercise is worth it :)