Saturday, September 24, 2011

Le sigh

No weight loss to report. Eating 900-1100 calories a day and I maintain within a 1lb fluctuation. I was hoping it would work. I really was.

New plan:
Eat one meal a day, whenever the boyfriend is around. No eating otherwise. If starving, a banana is safe. As is one cup of apple juice or a box of soy milk. That's it. If I need to snack with the boyfriend, I can have a banana or two rice cakes. I can't take much more of this.

I also may have broken my toe today (dropped a can of apple juice on it). I hope its not, as I need to keep up with my exercise routine. It's only been two weeks, that is not long enough to form a habit. If it is broken, I'll probably do 30 minutes on the bike plus some floor exercises till it heals enough to go back to the treadmill and weight machines. Oh well, time to adapt, not use it as an excuse to binge and purge all day long. Which is so tempting.


  1. I hope your toe isn't broken. :( Maybe just do the bike and floor exercises for a few days and see how it is after that? And I hate when I don't lose on a diet that seems like I should. I stay the same or gain at 1200 calories and I should lose even if it is slow. Hopefully you can do one meal a day and lose. I'm trying to figure out if I can cut out meals and if I should cut them out or just eat smaller meals or what to do. I need to make a new plan.

  2. OO sorry about the toe :( Good news is that if it is broken you can just strap it up and it will heal quick and you can still do strength training and probably cycling... :):)

  3. Le sigh right along with you. I'm struggling too and have to regroup. Hope the toe gets better fast

  4. Hope you're alright! Stay strong! <3

  5. Hope you alright now, and things are going your way xx