Thursday, September 15, 2011

Wow it's been awhile

...sorry, I didn't mean to disappear. I hate when I do that. So Hi! Anyone remember me?

I basically lost my shit again in August, though this time it was depression, not mania. Just wanted to die, and thus did nothing of great significance. I ate a lot. It's going slowly. I'm back to work and school, though I have to keep regular sleep hours. My doctor has me on a antipyscotic, which has a side effect of weight gain.

I've been eating normally or binging for a month, so my plan is to eat my way back down. 900 calories a day is my aim (or under) right now. In a week I'll reassess. I refuse to get on the scale again until Sunday. Tomorrow I join the gym and will go all 3 days of the week that I'm at university. Plus some other daily exercises. Once I get my bills caught up again, I'm going to look into some activity that gets me moving. I may do a 'learn to run' course, but that would involve my mom paying for some actual good runners. She did say she'd do that, but that was a month ago and I never got the money.


  1. I remember you!

    You talk about depression and mania . . . so are you bipolar? Me too. It's weird.

    Good luck with your new goals! Maybe going to the gym will help get some of those bad feelings out. Glad you're back. :)

  2. I'm glad you're back to let us know you're ok! And GOOD, you're getting help. I am too, my doctor's put me on Prozac. But weight gain aside, at least our moods are better :) Oh and you should definitely go to the learn to run course. My mum joined (she's overweight) and one year later she ran a half-marathon! (Still overweight, cuz she only eats junk food.) Running is the best thing. Good luck, love.