Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Monday morning I was 129lbs. That was a blinker.

Today I was 125.2lbs. A definite improvement but still way to fucking high. Tonight is a date night with the boyfriend, we are even staying in a hotel overnight. Specially prepared supper from his work (he has to make it ahead of time for the night chef to put together, with ingredients that they had on hand so I chose a Penne Vodka). I'm trying to keep calories low today. Then last night the boyfriend was like "we should see a movie tomorrow night too" FML. That means popcorn. And I have a hard time resisting popcorn. But hopefully one day of a higher intake won't fuck me up too much.


  1. Ah I am a popcorn lover...and I so weird because I love it with the cheese you get with nachos. My cinema won't let me buy just cheese, I have to buy the nachos with cheese and salted popcorn. I throw away the nachos because 1. yuck and 2. double yuck. I try to avoid the cinema, but breaking dawn will be out on friday so....fml. lol
    Hopefully u have a fab time and don't worry enjoy yourself one day of more cal should be okay. xxx

  2. Your date night sounds fun! Hope you can relax and enjoy yourself!

  3. Nearly a 4 lb loss in 3 days is incredible! You're losing at a fast rate, so don't feel bad. You'll reach your goal in no time if you keep this rate up.

    Have fun on your date! See if you can avoid the popcorn, cuz that's a killer. You don't HAVE to have popcorn. Just say something like, 'oh it makes me thirsty, i hate that.'
    Good luck!

  4. Congrats on the weight loss!

    I love sweet popcorn and can never say no to it, but I hate salted popcorn, even though it probably has less caloris than the sweet one :P

    Have fun and enjoy yourself!

  5. I absolutely love the thinspo, it's gorgeous.
    Congratulations on the weight loss lovely!
    Don't down play it because that is definitely something to be happy about.
    Your evening sounds really sweet so I hope you have a good time, maybe find an alternative to popcorn that has way less calories but also so you're eating something so your boyfriend doesn't push you for popcorn.
    Love Anafly

  6. Lovely weight loss :) Feel happy and proud about that!! Hope you had a lovely night xx

  7. Just so you know Im I guy and was looking for something on the movie date night and found this instead lol. Anyways honestly if that's how you look you are the perfect weight. I can't imagine a guy who wouldn't want some of that so don't sweat any weight loss or gain k :)