Sunday, November 13, 2011

Today is D-Day

Weigh in this morning: 127.4lbs (I somehow gained 3lbs overnight, fml)

Plan: 4 day rotation of calories, exercise minimum 3 days a week, must do one household chore per day.

Goal: Week 1 to get under 122lbs. Seems reasonable enough.

I cringe sharing that number with all of you. I'm literally disgusted with myself. I'm digging back out my diet pills. Fuck if they give me another ulcer. I can't seem to do this on willpower alone right now.

I decided to make a goal for Xmas time: 110lbs. If I stick to it (and really don't fall off track) I will get there. I know I can. I can't take being this big. I won't start another year being this big.


  1. You can so get to 110 for Xmas! It's 6 weeks til then so you only need to lose 2lbs a week - I'm trying to get to a GW for then too - we CAN and WILL do it :) xxxx

  2. Good Luck with your 110 Xmas goal! Don't be so down on yourself with the whole +3! I believe in you, that you can get it all off in no time! Stick in there! <3

  3. Im trying to get too 103 by xmas. We can do this =] We can start the new year on a high. xxx