Friday, November 18, 2011

Stayed Steady

Really I did. Stepped on the scale this morning and was 125lbs even. So even a loss of .2lbs is better than gaining after two days of not being able to track my food. I'm not really tracking today, but eating back down. 800 calorie day planned for tomorrow.

I also skipped the gym today (as well as class). I just could not be bothered to wake up with an alarm. Slept till 1030 or so, so I'm guessing I needed it.

I've been putting off an overdue essay for 9 days now, so I guess it's time to man up and finish it. So after this is posted I'll probably do that. And watch some weight related shows to trigger me into not eating/binging. We have peanut butter in the house. That is a dangerous thing.


  1. OOOooohhh Peanut Butter is super dangerous for me too. It's so darn good.

  2. the dangers of peanut butter; i can never stay away from it! xo.

  3. Ooooo...peanut butter is my weakness....Try not to think about it!!! xx