Thursday, November 24, 2011


I haven't been bothered to track my intake this week, but I've stayed steady at 125lbs.

I'm breaking down mentally which is why I haven't bothered tracking. I keep cutting. I know I need help but there is none for me to get, unfortunately. So I'm stuck in hell because the mental health care system here is underfunded, I'm hard to treat, and no one is quite sure what is wrong.


  1. I think the best treatment is blogging tbh, you can talk without being judged and let out all you emotions, keep strong beautiful xx

  2. Hi Kandie,

    I just happened to stumble into your blog. I'm really sorry to hear that there is no help for you to access. I'm a medical student in Sydney, Australia. Having just completed my rotation in Psychiatry, I can fully verify what you say about the mental health care system being largely underfunded. Unfortunately, that is the reality and it definitely sucks heaps.

    I know that getting help might be difficult at this time, but I encourage you to please talk it it out with the friends who know about what's going on and certainly use this blog as another means to do so. Also, I'm not sure what the process is in Canada, but perhaps seeing a counsellor might help as well. In any case, just get whatever is going through your head out of your system. Because in its own way, doing so is certainly a means of helping yourself.

    Stay strong. You'll make it through xx