Wednesday, October 20, 2010

All righty then

Midterms are over, I'm kinda getting a sense of how many hours a week I'll be working, and because I've been so busy I've been forced out of my little depressive funk. Which all means I should be back to updating and commenting. I have been reading the past few days but I never seem to a) be able to think of a decent thing to say and b)start writing a comment/blog and have to run out the door.

Food wise I'm doing okay. Eating less, but still too much. It's mostly been locally grown organic food (since that is where I shopped) and that always makes it easier to eat. But that is mostly gone now, except for the lone piece of fruit I bought that now sits on the counter mocking me. I admit I'm scared to eat fruit. All that unnecessary sugar.

I'm also finally over this fall cold that made it impossible for me to work out. I hope to get back to the gym in the next few days. It's only been, oh at least 3 weeks.


  1. hittin the gym! SOUNDS FUN!!!!! :)
    ur doing great!!! :D
    stay awesome! ;)

    -sincerely ur friend happiness!

  2. hey sweetheart

    i have got a new diet blog and i will be delighted if you visit it and leave some comments.

    stay pretty

    follow me

    xoxo bubbble

  3. Glad you're feeling good, babe.