Friday, October 1, 2010

Day 1

Went okay. I started the day at the boyfriends so I don't know what my weight is sitting at (I'm also ending it at my Dads).

At the BFs: 2 Popsicles (he insisted on getting me something because I was really upset) 120 cals + soup 100 cals
Supper: soup 190cals
Total: 410cals

I've also had a diet coke, some diet Pepsi, and a green tea today. I need to have some more water. And a laxative tea tonight, so I can do a salt water flush tomorrow morning.

Tomorrow I work so it will be some juice for breakfast, soup for lunch, and I'm apparently hanging with the roommate and our friend so we may end up drinking, so I'll probably just have some fake chicken broth around supper and drink lots of tea.

I know a few of you are also doing Hungry for Change, hope everyone is doing well. I've been craving bread all day today. I did not give in though. I know the craving will go away soon. Just gotta force myself to keep going through it. It's so much easier to say no, since I'm not just fasting alone.


  1. good start hun - keep it up xx

  2. I know you probably know but I care about you so just incase- you know the salt water flush will take a few hours right? Its just than you mentioned you were working then had plans and I don't want you to be in a pickle.
    & Don't worry the craving will pass, you just have to distract yourself and have something to drink- don't give in!
    Good work with your intake, keep going strong! :)

  3. Well done with the first day of the fast :) I hope things continue going well, keep it up! :D Harley x