Thursday, September 30, 2010

All righty folks

Hungry for Change starts tomorrow! I can't wait. I've really binged out the past two days. Last night/this morning was horrible as I was writing an assignment. And by this morning meaning I've been up since 3:30am. See when I get stuck late at night when I have something due, I have to go to bed for a few hours. I went up to bed around midnight, but ended up handwriting part of the assignment in bed as I tend to do that too. Got to sleep around 1.

Yesterday my roommate came home right as I was about to get up and purge the first massive part of my binge (I had already purged once). I had a bunch of food around me and I just couldn't stop so I kept eating it. Then I went to Dads, had veggie sushi, bread, chips and salsa. My stomach has been hard and bloated since midday yesterday. I had another mini binge today.

And I still want to eat. Right now I'm having a supper of crackers and peanut butter to get some protein to get me through the first few days. I'm also having a green tea to help boost my metabolism, and a laxative tea because I'm (TMI) backed up. Took 2 diet pills, and a laxative as well. I just need to get things moving. Considering that I'm 124.8lbs as of an hour ago. I know it's just binge weight, and well, shit. Literally.

As for the fast, I'm planning on a liquids only. Soups and such are going to be allowed because of work, and the ease of just blending into life. I am going to limit it to 500cals a day. I'm hoping to go right till Oct 11th, and break it at supper time (Thanksgiving). Though sometimes Dad and I celebrate a day early, so it's all playing it by ear.

I got a job! Whoo. Well a second job. I start next Tuesday, whee orientation.

I haven't been to the gym in a week because I've had a nasty cold. I could have probably managed today but I had a few errands to run (dropping a letter off at the property managers changing the lease to month to month, getting a bus pass). I also got up off my lazy hobo ass and dyed my hair. No more 3 inches of roots. I tried to pick a colour closer to my natural, as I am trying to grow it out to a certain length so I need to stop destroying it. At least till I get it to where I want (just below my rib cage, though layered). I'm a hair dye junkie. At work people are used to seeing me one day as a red head, then I'll suddenly be blond the next. I like to not tell people what I plan on doing, just cause I get a kick out of reactions (I used to have hot pink hair, and tri coloured, so these people have pretty much seen everything). The kids also get a kick out of it.


  1. yay for the job!! and good luck on Hungry for a Change - your plan sounds good and i know you can do it xx

  2. Congratulations on getting a second job! :) & I hope the assignment gets a good mark.
    Your fasting plan sounds good and sensible, I'm sure you can stick with it for 11 days! All the best xxx

  3. Yay so happy for the job! Good luck with it. I used to do that with my hair. People knew me for changing my hair so much, but one day I bleached it blonde, it went orange, and since then I've cut down due to the straw like state of my hair after that, hah. I'm going Hungry for change (liquids) too :) good luck! Harley x

  4. i think you are really brave and doing really well :) glad you got the job ! x

  5. luckyy. i need a job :[
    and goodluck for the hungry for change thing. i know you can do it hun. xxx