Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Quick update

I'm at university right now, my first class was cancelled (boo I could have slept in), and sleeping in would have been nice since I didn't get home until midnight (the boyfriend and I saw Inception in IMAX, awesome) then the boyfriend wanted to watch another movie, but I picked the show Fawlty Towers so we could just watch it on my laptop in bed and if I fell asleep it wasn't like I was missing much.

Yesterday I did not count calories since it was a big date night and I kinda let myself binge in the morning since I was basically a huge bitch from not eating and having a severe cause of the shakes and dizziness.

I ate:
-3 homemade pizza buns
-Green Onion Cakes and whatever the sauce was that came with them
-Stir Fry with Tofu, portabella mushrooms, green onions, snap peas, green peppers, terryaki sauce and a bit of rice
-1 Alexander Keith's Lite Ale
-1 Large Diet Coke
-Most of a large bag of popcorn

I also didn't go to the gym since I was feeling so bad and my feet are pretty torn up right now (little cuts, blisters) but I will be back today since all the crap I ate yesterday has given me energy. It's also put me up to 121.2lbs but (TMI time) I haven't pooped in several days either.

So I'll probably do a proper update tonight with today's intake (as of right now it's nothing), exercise total, and what not. Also I will comment on everyones blog then. If you are following me and I haven't followed your blog yet, let me know, I sometimes miss them, and I would love to read them. Even though I don't comment on every entry I promise I do read everything.


  1. I think relaxing the calories a bit will do good for your body- it sounds like it was screaming for it. & Try and enjoy your exercise! don't punish yourself so much your blistered and cut up!! maybe give your feet a rest? switch up the exercise a bit? Keep going :) xxx

  2. Sounds great, babe. Relaxing is DEFINITELY necessary!