Saturday, September 11, 2010

Bring it On

I'm watching that movie right now. I love mindless shit like this.

Also a big Hello to my new followers! Hopefully I am interesting enough for y'all to stick around.

Worked today, then went to the gym. I could barely move at the gym today. I had lunch at 1200, then didn't get to the gym until 330 so I think it was just a bit to long since I ate. I had to drag myself back up the stairs from the change room, then the walk to the bus stop that normally takes me oh 3 minutes, took me about 10.

Intake for today:
weight @ 820 am- 120.6lbs
breakfast @ 830 am- rice cake 31 cals + peanut butter 100 cals (I felt I needed the protein)
lunch @ 1200 pm- 1 cup tomato soup 80 cals
supper @ 540 pm- 1/2 cup rice (flavoured with olive oil, garlic and some wild rice, it's a premade mix) 130 cals
treat @ 800 pm- diet coke (not counting the like 2 calories in it)
Total - 341 cals

Exercise for today:
30 minutes on the treadmill- 200 cals
15 minutes on the bike- 83 cals
+ 5 sets of 10 on the leg press on 45lbs
Total burned: 283 cals

Net Calories: 58 cals

Not bad. I still feel shitty about it though. I've been craving french fries the past two days, so tomorrow I plan on going to the grocery store and buying one of those lone baking potatoes and having that, maybe with a bit of gravy.


  1. Oh my gosh french fries with gravy sounds absolutely amazing <3 <3 I can't eat them because they scare me to death, but make sure you savor them for me!! Amazing job with your calorie intake and exercise, you're going to reach your next goal weight in no time <3

  2. Good work with your calories and exercise!
    Enjoy the potato and gravy :) (try to pick a low fat one) it sounds like a good idea to avoid bingeing later. Stay strong! xxx

  3. Well done at the gym and with your intake as well!
    The potato sounds good, hopefully you'll enjoy it and the cravings will go away!

  4. BAHA - i'm watching bring it on right now too. it really is the badness of the movie that make it so easy to zone out too.
    awesome job at the gym & your eating was great!
    have fun with the potato. ;)
    staystrong, page.

  5. I never actually made fries as well when I give into them I want to eat a full on butt load and have a good and proper binge. But it did really hit the spot.