Thursday, September 9, 2010

I'm exhausted.

Seriously this day has taken a lot out of me. Got up at 7 so I could shower and do my hair before class. I was going to try to get in early but I got distracted by reading. And then spending 30 minutes trying to perfect my outfit. I did manage to join the gym (and exercise today) which is a plus. And classes will probably be good but I think my professors might annoy me. I'm still undecided on how it will go. Ran into my Prof that I have gotten close too. She told me I've gotten so skinny. I had to hide a smile.

Also ordered in some diet pills and got them today. Yay.

I'm still undecided about exactly how I'm going to restrict (IE if I'm going to do a known diet, make one up for myself, how strict/many the rules will be) but here was my day:

Weight @ 7:00 am- 122.6lbs
Breakfast @ 9:10 am- cereal 25cals
Lunch @ 11:55 am- Cliff Bar 250 cals
Supper @ 3:30-4:10pm (I made these two things about 20 minutes apart)- field roast 200cals + rice noodles 192 cals
Gum @ 4:40- 5 cals
Total: 672 cals

Not bad I guess. I was hoping to only have the field roast for supper, but I was famished after my workout. I did 31 minutes on the treadmill (212 cals) and 15 minutes on the cross trainer (125 cals). I also did some leg lifts and crunches. Burned 337 cals, so a net calorie day of 335 cals. Not too impressed, but I need to get my cardio endurance up before I can burn more. I tend to push myself to hard and injure myself and then not be able to work out for months.


  1. Hope you're smiling, lovely. <3

  2. I would be really happy with that number!! good job.

  3. Haha spending half an hour trying to pick out an outfit sounds like me =) A net calorie day of 335 is fantastic! It's smart of you to try to slowly increase the difficulty of your cardio workouts, I know so many people who've seriously injured themselves in track by jumping right into it too soon (myself included). Keep up the good work! <3