Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I am drugged out of my mind

...on cold medicine. The kind that keeps your pupils from dilating/responding. The kind my Jr.high teacher almost called my mother and told her I was on drugs for (my best friend intervened and told her what I was taking because my mother doesn't believe in staying home from school unless you couldn't physically get out of bed. The teacher still called my mother to tell her I was sick and should be at home). I don't think I should go to class today, but I will because I hate missing class. I haven't done the readings, but whatever, I can wing it. Kennedy era America and class training during early modern Europe are both things I know enough about that I can fake my way through it. I have this little tip: if you know the answer to something the professor asks, say it. Then they won't call on you when you have no idea and no one else does either because you obviously know the topic since you already spoke. Tis how I faked my way through homework and readings since 4th grade.

I can't wait till Friday and starting my fast. I'm thinking 3 days of the master cleanse followed by liquid fasting until Thanksgiving. Then I'll be out of Hungry for change, but may do another 4-5 days of the master cleanse. I told my Dad the plan to fast and he said he needs to fast/detox too. So no pressure to eat form him. Now I just need to worry about the boyfriend.

Still no news on the job front. Oh well. It will happen when it happens. Mom says shes going to deposit some money directly into my bank account, even though my cheque is in the mail. So I will have a bit of flex cash. My payment on my cell phone hasn't been reflected on my account so I'm worried I fucked it up somehow and lost $235. :/ I'll need to figure that out. If it hasn't shown up my tomorrow I will be trying to figure out how to contact Virgin Mobile.

....I just checked and it's cleared! Yay! Now I don't have to think.

I'm at 121.4lbs today. Fuck binging and fuck deciding to not track. I'm slowly working down my calorie counts for Friday, but I'm also trying to eat some of the food in the apartment so I don't binge on it so it's a delicate balance.


  1. Cold meds can help but sometimes you've just got to rest! trust me I learnt my lesson the hard way- I pushed through a cold then bronchitis till it turned into pneumonia.
    Try to get lots of sleep and water- get well soon! xxx

  2. I'm proud of you for going to class even when you aren't exactly prepared. When I'm not prepared, I always freak out and skip, and this is not good. I know that usually if I just go ahead and go, by unprepared-ness isn't going to matter. Winging it is the way to go. lol

    I'm so excited that you're 121 . . . pretty soon you will be out of the twenties! :)

  3. i do the same thing! when we're answering homework questions i always volunteer an early answer because i haven't done the later ones :) xx