Wednesday, September 15, 2010


25 Followers. That's unexpected. Hello everyone. If I'm not following one of your blogs, let me know, and I will. I try to check every few days to see, but I know that I sometimes miss people.

Still at fat fuck. My metabolism is dead, has been for years, but it still fucking sucks that I eat, say, 600 calories and I GAIN weight. Ugh. Getting back on track with the next few days, and may fast at some point next week. Depending on if I work or not (as of right now it's a not).

Speaking of work, I did up my resume last night, got my references in order, so today I will spiff myself up (no more rock and roll unbrushed wild hair that I normally have), and start dropping them off/applying everywhere like a fucking mad woman. I'm not looking for anything special just a job for evenings and weekends to help fill out my paychecks. Especially since it looks like I won't be getting many hours from the daycare.

My weight today is 121.2lbs. I just desperately need to see the teens someday soon. I don't consider having to have met a goal until I'm under it for a few days, so even though I hit the 120lb mark, I didn't make the goal yet. Come on you fat tub of lard.


  1. Your metabolism doesn't work? That sucks :/ Good luck with the jobs! Let us know when you get one, not if cause you will don't worry. Good luck on seeing the teens, you can do it easy :) x

  2. It was killed by medication years ago and never came back. Possibly because I never ate properly to begin with, but its essentially dead.

  3. Wow, 25 followers! :) That could be an inspiration, hah?
    I would like to wish good luck too on the job thins, hope you'll find something!

  4. I so the same thing, I don't consider a goal meet until I've been under that goal for about a week. And I don't think you're following my blog, I'm not complaining though :P
    I'm sorry to hear that it is dead :( I wouldn't be able to tell you if mine was haha I don't really pay attention to the details. Just eat less and hope for the best! :P
    Good luck reaching your goals girly!!

  5. Hmmm, I thought I was following you Rosette (I even looked at your blog this morning I believe). Blogger has been weird with me the past few days so that maybe what has happened.

    I also followed your blog too Summer Rose. The job hunt went well, dropped off a few resumes, filled out applications, told when to expect a phone call for an interview. So I'm hoping to have a second (well technical thrid) job soon.

  6. Good Luck with the job hunt!!!
    Have you talked to a doctor about your metabolism if its related to medication? there might be something they can do to help? xxx

  7. Good luck with the job hunt...I'm on one as well and it sucks something major! I would definitely talk to your doctor about your metabolism...hopefully...anyway, glad you are close to your goal. I just want to get below my plateau...I know how frustrating it can get...I'm doing some Rah Rah cheers for you! Much love...

  8. ^My doctor knows that it's really slow. It was a side effect of two anti-depressants I was on. Also binge eating/purging and restricting has not allowed it to rebound, if it ever will. The only thing that can really help is to eat right and moderatly exercise, which I can't do.

  9. Oh my God. I have the same thing with my metabolism. Possible also because of my antidepressants and restricting? Not sure, but lame.

  10. my metabolism is also dead. it sucks to be trying so hard and gaining weight. hmmph!
    all my love.x