Saturday, December 4, 2010

Drive By Update

I haven't been allowing myself on blogger because I'm still not done my essay. I just wanted to say I miss you all. And I am staying up all night tonight till I finish it. Because I need to get this done. Since I've been stressing over my essay I've been binging, though I seem to maintaining my weight, which is the best I can hope for weigh in day tomorrow.

Here's to a proper update tomorrow.


  1. good luck with that essay!! x

  2. is that you in this pic? You look wayyyy skinnier than 120!!!

  3. Good to hear from you, and stay strong. Good luck with your essay! You'll feel so much relief after doing it :) xx

  4. That is definatly not me in the picture. I'm no where near as skinng or as pretty. I've yet to post a picture of myself on this blog, but I plan to when I reach 114 (I don't know why I decided on 114, it's not even an offical goal weight).

    Still working on the essay. I aim to be done of it by 1 this afternoon.

  5. I'm sending you good vibes for getting that essay done! I had one due last week and finished it no joke 30 mins before it was due. :D

    You love Lupin, too??? He's my fav in all of the books!! Love love LOVE Lupin.


  6. Good luck on the essay! When I´m stressed I binge like crazy too...
    Take care sweetie