Thursday, December 9, 2010

still no news on the lost ipod front

But I have managed to keep the weight off. Weighed in at 117.4lbs this morning. Only a 0.4lb loss from yesterday, but it didn't go up like I expected it too.

I've also finally managed to wash my bedclothes. Something that needed to be done about a month and a half ago. Go me.

I'm going out tonight for the boyfriends birthday supper. We are going to a place were you make your own stir fry (at least that's where we were going last time I asked him) so that shouldn't be too bad.

Ugh, I'm really worried I'm going to plateau like right now. I just need the scale to say a smaller number than what it is right now. OH! Last night I had a dream that my scale was malfunctioning and showing me my weight in Egyptian hieroglyphics. LOL. It was pretty funny when I woke up, but it annoyed the crap out of me in my dream. Serves me right to read archeology magazines before I go to bed.


  1. haha what a weird dream.
    You lost, that´s good =) You´ll loose more by tomorrow.
    Have fun at dinner!

  2. Just keep up the work and Im sure your metabolism will kick start :) xxx

  3. 117 is freaking incredible, I want you to know :) The dream you had was kind of funny! It's bizarre how our minds work, isn't it??

  4. LOL at your dream, so annoying! haha
    Even if you plateau, you'll break it :)
    Love love <33

  5. Your dream sounds ridiculous! I have weird weight and food related dreams all the time...

    I'm praying for you for getting out of the plateau!

    Let us know how that restaurant is. It sounds fun.


  6. Hahaha you dream about the scale cracks me up. Hope the birthday dinner went all right!