Tuesday, December 21, 2010

I'm Alive!

Functioning at least. Seemed to have regained the weight I've lost for my Xmas Goal. Time to turn that around.

I probably won't be on blogger till around the 29th. My Mom is arriving tomorrow, then the next day me and the boyfriend and her are going to visit the family. Where there is little/no internet access. And since the BF and family will be around 24/7 I wouldn't go on blogger anyways. Don't want to get caught and all that jazz.

I hope everyone makes it through the rest of the holiday season without too much stress.

Much love,
<3 Kandie.


  1. Still plenty of time to reach the goal!
    I hope you can enjoy family time and relax a little bit :D !!

  2. You still have time to reach your goal :) Good luck!! And have fun! xx

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  4. Hope you're having a lovely holiday! <3