Sunday, July 10, 2011

Back to Canada Tonight

Leaving Phoenix tonight to go back to my Moms in Ottawa for another week. I don't fly to my actual home until next Sunday. My Mom has guaranteed me she's buying a scale either tomorrow or Tuesday so yay! I'll know my weight soon.

Kinda messed up eating today by having 3 vegan chocolate chip cookies (390) at once. I just shoveled them in. BUT I did work them off at the gym (and more) plus I also did laps for 45 minutes in the pool too. I had hoped to bank the calories burned with still eating healthy, but oh well. I'm going to be up for like 2 days so I'm sure I'm going to burn a lot more than normal today.

I can kinda feel the mania coming back on, I've been really triggered by my step dads presence here for the past two days (he basically came down here early in an attempt to prove to my mother that we can get along, even though he knew I didn't want him here, he wasn't supposed to come in till last night to drive us to the airport tonight, then drive up to visit his kids) and I really am tempted to SI. I've avoided doing it, but if I go manic there is no telling what I will do.

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  1. yay about the scale! and the gym. that's awesome! i can't wait for my semester to start so i have gym membership again...

    and i'm sorry about the step-dad sitch. :( mine's a total dick and messes everything up, so i get where you're coming from.