Sunday, July 24, 2011

I know I'm getting old

when I'm disgusted by the fact that everyone on facebook is mourning Amy Winehouse and yet virtually no one is talking about the SLAUGHTER of innocent people in Norway. Or the fact that Somali militants are still keeping vital aid from reaching starving people. Or the conflict and possible ethnic cleansing happening in Lybia. Maybe I need to give up on humanity. Yes, it's sad that a person is dead, but you know what? Her death wasn't caused by a conflict or social issue that anyone but her could have helped. I'm not saying she deserved to die, I'm not speculating on how she died exactly, but her death should not overwrite real issues. Then again, I don't believe in worshiping the cult of celebrity. I read an article recently by a woman who called on people to stop paying attention to celebrities and pseudo celebrities, because it just takes up space in your mind and time away from paying attention to real issues. Who someone is dating is not a real issue. The fact that female genital mutilation happens is a real issue.

If you can't tell, I'm passionate about human rights and international politics. I'm considering interning at the UN once I graduate. I'm considering joining various human rights organizations or international diplomatic programs (I'm a very good candidate and have been told by various people who do those jobs that I'm right for it). I get very agitated when 'celebrity' news pushes real news stories to the sideline. I was very happy yesterday to turn on CNN and see that they were actually talking about the US debt crisis and not speculating on how some poor woman died just because she was a celebrity (CTV news here in Canada was dedicating time to it). I'm sure eventually it changed to focus more on that, because God, does anyone remember how much useless time was spent on Anna Nicole Smith? Or Micheal Jackson?

In Eating Disorder News: I've been binging, and yesterday was spent binging and purging. Today so far has been spent trying not to start a B/P session today, but I'm pretty sure I'm going to fail. I did loose a bit from yesterday though, through dehydration and laxatives I'm sure.


  1. It's sick that so much time and energy is spent on people like that. And I have limited sympathy for those who refused to get help and end up dying of drug overdoses. Yes, it's very sad, and I know drug addiction is a mental illness and not something you can just stop doing, but in the end it's still something you did to yourself.

    ...Idk, maybe I'm too cold hearted. But like you said, no one seems to give a crap about the horrific things going on in places like Libya and Norway, and here as well. They only care if Brad and Angelina are getting married or not.

    I think it's great you want to go into the UN.

    Hope you can get out of the b/p cycle. For some reason it's so much harder on weekends! I'd say I'm doing ok this weekend, but that would be a lie because I'm cheating with drugs. :/ So that doesn't really count.

    Have a good Sunday, luv!! <3

  2. Didn't know whinehouse was dead. She's been heading that way for a long time. But I know what you mean about this celebrity obsessed culture. It sickens me sometimes.

  3. Couldn't agree more about the real news getting pushed aside for BS. makes me mad too. :-(

  4. The UN is an incredible organization. I went on this group thing there, & got an in-depth tour of the united nations building! it was unbelievable. a few days ago i started reading this book i bought from there a few years ago, it's about time i pick it up again! i'm also interested in international studies. this book is called "an insider's guide to the UN." i'll let you know how it goes!

  5. i just agree with that whole post. i feel so bad about those starving people in somalia but if i mentioned that to any of my friends who had made so many posts about amy winehouse they would have no idea what i was talking about.