Sunday, July 10, 2011

Not Knowing is Killing Me

Seriously, I'm going insane not knowing my weight. I hope my mom buys a scale when we fly back to her house tomorrow as I am going crazy not knowing if I'm gaining. I've lost half an inch off my hips and chest respectively, but I'm convinced I'm larger.

Also next Friday is my 26th birthday, and the new Harry Potter is released. Can you say best birthday ever? Mom has agreed to take me too it (as before my vacation plans were finalized my Dad, my boyfriend, and my two best friends all offered to take me to it on opening day, and I really really want to go). Though, overall, I don't like the movies that much, I'm such a Harry Potter nerd I always go and see them. I've written academic papers on Harry Potter, I'm that nerdy. Side note: I also wrote an awesome paper on the American Hero and Star Trek captains. I can't lie, I think it's all awesome.

So here's to hoping I'm not fatter, and I hope that everyone is doing well. I've been super busy running around this vacation so I haven't been getting on blogger. Hopefully I'll get on more next week and once I get home.


  1. Yeh for Harry Potter Nerds!!!
    I'm one too.

  2. I've got a friend who is a huge Harry Potter nerd. I'm sure you lost weight. If your measurements are smaller, your weight has to be down. Stay strong. :)

  3. I can't stand not knowing my weight either!!