Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The beat goes on

First off I haven't welcomed my new followers in awhile. I typically quickly check to see if you have a blog, but sometimes blogger doesn't load them for me. If you want me to read along (and I'd love to) and I'm not following you yet, let me know and I will. I'm not the most active commenter but I do read and try to comment. I'm just really oddly neurotically shy online (I think no one wants to hear what I have to say).

Along those lines, I'm never sure how to respond to my own commenters. Which has left me essentially not responding. What do y'all like? Me responding in the comments, or in another post? Or even back on your blog?

I had a decent day today. Ate 632 cals, but it was kinda mini bingey (I gave into a veggie burger at university and after a nice supper of grilled asparagus I felt ravenous so I made myself two little pizzas on an english muffin). The good news with this (and warning TMI time) is that I finally had enough food in my system to poop. I'm like an infant, I eat then I poop (it's how a healthy bowl is supposed to work) but when I restrict I defiantly don't eat enough at one time to cause that to happen. I was actually contemplating my laxatives but now I can avoid that for a few more days. I had only lost part of a lb this am which bummed me out, but I should be less now that I took a decent shit.

...oh the classy things I write about.

Heading to the boyfriends tonight. I promised him kinky sex if he (finally) cleaned his kitchen. He lives in a bachelor and the kitchen area was disgusting. I have a really severe mold allergy and I couldn't touch anything in the sink since there was mold in there. He also had ran out of dishes. So it better be clean. Unfortunately I won't be able to get my weight tomorrow morning. ACK. He kinda wants to loose weight too, I may talk him into getting a scale.

OH! I almost forgot. Today in my religious studies class there was this beautiful, stylish Chinese exchange student. She's on the wait list and may not make the class but it was very nice to see such beautiful thinspiration in real life. She had on the most amazing thigh high, high heeled boots, and a long stripped sweater with glittery buttons. 100% my style. I hope she stays in the class, as she was really nice too.


  1. real life thinspiration is the best :) and 632 cals for the day is a good intake! well done :)
    thank you for your comment - it makes so much sense the way you put it. on one hand i'm glad my body is starving coz it means weight loss but on the other i'm pretty sure it's in starvation mode which means when i do start eating i'm going to pile it on very quickly. ugh we can never win!
    stay strong xx

  2. your day sounds awesome! dont worry about being "oddly neurotically shy" online; it happens to everyone! hell, im having trouble typing this comment! real-life thinspiration is so much more...thinspiring, ya know? Keep up the good work! 632 cals is really really good :)

  3. Not too much TMI at all. I HATE it when I can't poop. I have just discovered Fiber 1 which looks like rabbit food and I think it's helping the food (what little there is) move through my system so I can. Only 60 cals and 14 grams of fat per 1/2 cup serving!!!!! I too have that problem with not knowing how to respond to commenters.

  4. Just leave the comments as they are...seem to be the norm and I think it works fine.
    You can always address certain comments in posts or respond on their blogs...anyway works. :D

    Ah, life thinspo...i find it hard to take sometimes but at the same time, it IS great motivation! :D

  5. Of course people want to hear what you have to say. Everyone loves percpective and encouragement.

    Loved the boyfriend story :]

  6. Great intake! I agree with Fed Up talking about Fibre One cereal. That stuff is a miracle. Haha nice kitchen & boyfriend story

  7. FiberOne is rad. and totally works. I should quit with the laxies already, but I just can't :-(

    ya, totally follow me, I don't write every single day. I don't mind if you don't reply directly to a comment, or if you don't comment on mine


  8. Yay for pooping! hehe. Crazy how excited we get sometimes, huh?

    Hope your boyfriend cleaned his kitchen and you got some good lovin'!