Thursday, January 13, 2011

Metabolism Woes

I know my metabolism must really be dead since I've been restricting to under 700 cals a day since Jan.2 (minus a binge or two) and I'm MAINTAINING. So I've decided I need to eat a bit more for a few days, trying to get out of starvation mode. I'm purposely trying to not count my calories, and listening to my body when I'm hungry. Did okay yesterday, doing okayish today (didn't eat before yoga so now I'm STARVING). I hope to end this on Monday AM, but if my weight goes up more than 3lbs, I'm ending there.

And to motivate myself as to why I have to do the thing I hate doing most I'm posting a bunch of thinspo. As I need my metabolism to work if I ever want to look like this:


  1. loved the thinspo hun, and maybe up the exercise? that helps your body burn more calories even after you've stopped exercising. <3 stay strong

  2. Eeek! That metabolism shut down is the pits. I am so terrified that I am screwing mine up as we speak. Hope it revs up.

  3. I´m sure you´ll be back losing weight in no time
    Lovely pics

  4. Oooh, pretty pictures.

    yes, maybe you need to change your exercise routine. the body can get used to one set of exercise and then stop burning as many calories doing said exercise. perhaps you just need to shake it up a bit!

  5. Starvation modes it may help to eat a little more, do give it a kick.
    Seems like you're doing very well!

    Thanks for the thinspo, it is well needed for me. :)

  6. stay strong whatever you choose to do ox

  7. Upping the calories for a bit seems like a good idea. Plateaus suck.

  8. Aww hope you get out of that mode soon. I think the black&white picture with the woman and the cigarette is beautiful! Thanks for the thinspo

  9. I'm always afraid of my metabolism shutting down, maybe eating more or exercising more for a couple days would help.

    ~ Harlow

    love the pic with the dotted tights