Tuesday, January 25, 2011

we rise again

Hey everyone. Feeling much better these past few days so I should be back online. My uncles funeral won't be until the spring because the ground is frozen, but he's now been cremated and my aunt got a nice urn for him so hes not just in the plastic box that he was sent home in. So some of that stress is off of me now.

I'm back into restriction mode. I was up to 126lbs, but I'm now down to 121lbs. Still taking off the damage but it's happening.

I'm heading to phoenix in a month and I desperately want to be 112lbs by then. I'm going to be wearing a bathing suit (speaking of which anyone have any good sites you like to order bathing suits from. Shipping to Canada is a must though. I really want to try to be confident enough for a two-piece).

Not really following any diet plan, other than trying to avoid grocery shopping as I have so much food stocked in my cupboards. Just trying to keep it under 500 cals a day. Once I'm safely back into the teens I'll probably go back to my serving system.


  1. Sorry to hear about you uncle. But with the plan you are at eating wise if you stay under 500 you could possibly lose 3 pounds a week. Stay on the track you could definitely be down where you want with in the moth. Just be careful and safe. Stay strong.

  2. Good luck :] I'm sure you can do it. Urban Outfitters has some really cute suits up right now, I'm not positive if they ship to Canada though...

  3. Nice to have you back!
    Kind of exciting to have something to look forward to and motivation.
    When u find a bathing suit, show us a picture pliiiis! :D I'm so curious.

    Sounds like u got yourself a plan. :)

  4. Good luck with it all, babe.