Monday, February 28, 2011

Sucess, at least small

First something for Mich, I will post pictures of the clothes I bought. H&M is being a bitch and I can't find the pictures online, so I'll take my own, text time I'm actually in my apartment. I'm currently wearing the dress though.

Also my modified 2-4-6-8 seems to be working well. I've only lost a pound since Thursday, but my scale could be messed up since I haven't shit since Thursday either, and I ate way to much bread last night (I'm guessing around a 1000 calorie binge). But since I'm poor till Thursday (less than $20 in my bank account) and so it the BF, it will make binging ny on impossible. Also my clothes are fitting better because I'm no longer bloated from the horrid amount of salt I eat. My nice (not my really really warm sport coat I wear when its -a billion out but the military style one I got from H&M [see a pattern?]) does up really easily now. When I'm all salt bloated its a struggle to do it up.

I'm hoping by Friday to be a solid 119lbs. Currently sitting at 121.8lbs, so it shouldn't be too hard to loose 2lbs by Friday.

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  1. Can't wait for photos. :D

    Sounds like my bank account. I live in constant fear of bouncing checks and declined debit card.

    You should get those ponies out! My parents were the same way with me with toys in general. Like here's a new toy, now shut up and go away.