Sunday, February 13, 2011

Time to move forward

Tomorrow I will call my therapists office. I will go back and set up appointments to possibly be diagnosed psychotic. I need to tell him that I literally slept about 2 hours every night for the month of January out of fear that demons would kill me if I slept. Or that I see them all the freaking time. So if I don't do it. Kick my ass.

Not sure what I weigh today. Probably won't have an accurate weight for a few days. Which is driving me nuts. Well more nuts. Need to up my exercise.

I need to be bathing suit ready for May. As my vacation has been tentatively rescheduled for then.

I'm doing okay food wise. Eating too much for my liking, but not binging. I'm thinking of doing the master cleanse for a few days over my break (last week of February). Not the whole week, but 3 days. 3 Days will be seen as a normal detox, not a problem. Yes I think I shall do that.


  1. I'm gonna fast too!!
    Exactly 3 days because I'm gonna be alone those yay :P But I have to do it 22-beginning of 26th.

    Seems like you're doing good...just stay focused and think of that bathing suit :)

  2. Good luck with the master cleanse! I did that a few months ago, and I was thinking of doing it again.

    I hope everything worked out with the therapist. <3 Demons are no fun.