Thursday, March 10, 2011

Back on track

My Dads scale told me I weighed 119lbs this am, which on mine would translate to 120 or 121lbs.

My plan for today:

1030: vegan blueberry yogurt (125)
400: pita (95) + salad greens (10) + taco sauce (5)
Total: 235 cals

If the boyfriend comes over for the night I'm allowing myself another 400 cals which would mean a total of 635 cals, which isn't too bad. Either one should mean a loss.

I've been fighting my hunger all day. Stupid me stretched it out. So I've been downing caffeine and diet pills all day. I can't wait for another 40 minutes to pass so I can have my supper. Then it's off to work for 3 hours. I'm hoping a co worker will offer to drive me home. J might, since she lives like 5 minutes away from me, and if she can she generally does. We haven't worked together a lot this year as our school schedules seem to be opposite. And shes pregnant so isn't working as many evenings.

I may not get on blogger again until Monday so if I'm not around that's why. The boyfriend will probably be around all weekend.

1 comment:

  1. I wish I could eat that little but you've done well. Hope you have a good week-end :) x