Thursday, March 3, 2011

Progress! Progress! Progress!

It's kinda sad that I said the title of this post to the tune of Practice, Practice, Practice from the Swan Princess movie? I still love the movie and the soundtrack. If you didn't see the film, as I suspect a lot of you weren't even born in 1994, or were just too young (while I was the ripe old age of 9), I say it's a good way to kill a boring afternoon. It's on YouTube!

Worked this morning, and spent this afternoon making a budget spreadsheet in excel. Mostly for tracking my expenses than limiting them. Once I track for 3 months, I'll set limits on each expense variable. I'm going for 3 months because that should give me a more realistic view of what I spend my money on. Working again this evening, with no idea what time I'm going to be off. Big briefing that came up for some military families that are a bit panicking and my boss had no idea how long they plan on meeting for, nor does she have a sign up list for kids. It's going to be chaos. Apparently they told her to book 6 staff members. Oy.

My Dad's analog scale weighed me in at 117 this morning, so I'm probably hovering around 118. Can't wait till I can get an empty weight tomorrow morning. Today is a 600 calorie day, and I've eaten 277, with a plan to end 427 calories, which given me a bit of wiggle room when the boyfriend comes over tonight.

So today looks like:
Breakfast: vegan vanilla yogurt (102 cals)
Lunch: veggie wrap - pita, vegan sour cream, salsa, mixed salad veggies (175 cals)
Supper: veggie wrap- pita, salsa, mixed salad  veggies (150 cals)
Total: 427 cals

Gotta keep this up so I'm bikini ready come may.

Edit: Dad wants me to have some bread with him so adding in another 130 cals for the bread, and I'm probably going to have some vegan butter on it so another 20 cals. Ending total of 577 cals.


  1. ahhh, got to love the swan princess! :)
    stay strong, xo.

  2. great intake and healthy foods lady! xx

  3. Nice, Swan Princess, one of my favourites. Your wraps sound delicious!