Thursday, March 17, 2011


I didn't mean to go this long without posting. I meant to post on Monday, but I ended up skipping my first class of the day to play Fallout:New Vegas (for about 7 hours straight, oops). Then I just went in for my last class, so had no time to actually read or update any blogs as the BF came over.

Meant to do it between classes on Wednesday  but I ended up picking up a bunch of books for a seminar presentation and I got distracted by reading them. Today I called in exhausted to work so yay update time!

I started my period early this month (TMI, but it's not a real period, but a withdrawal bleed from the birth control). I switched brands and I started to spot on the last few days. It is wayyyyyy lighter than usual though. Which is good, even though it has been light since I started on BC. With that and days of eating 'normally' I thought for sure I gained. Not so. I weigh 119lbs. Yay!

Also the boyfriend finally found another job. So I can actually have a few days where I am not expected to eat all the friggin time. It's a day shift job, so I will still have to contend with the evening snacking/supper time but hey, he's no longer around 24/7.


  1. just wanted to say I adore your blog and gave it the versatile blog award!! You can see the details in my post :) We also have similar stats... I'm 26, 5'1, and cw is 116lbs.

  2. I love Fallout! Haven't gotten a chance to play New Vegas though :(