Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Keeping you all updated

Fell off the wagon on Sunday. Gave myself a day off. Ate a normal amount (yogurt for breakfast, lunch of soup and bread, dinner was baked potatoes and fake chicken strips) and promptly gained 4lbs. I know it was just food weight but ugh. Still wasn't the kick in the pants I needed to get back on track. I haven't been counting all that well, nor have I kept myself from late night eating.

I think the only reason I haven't been binging is because I am overdrawn on my bank account. Well I am changing today. I'm currently starving (as eating has stretched my stomach out) but not going to eat. Just before I go to class I'm going to have a vegan yogurt. 125 cals. Then a small supper at my Dads house tonight. Tomorrow is a 200 day, though work tomorrow night is supposed to be hectic, but I'll try to keep it from going wonky. Last Thursday night I was so tiered and worn out I ended up having a juice box with the kids. 90 cals wasted. I hate drinking juice as it seems like empty and pointless calories to me.

I'm super busy with my school work (last 3 weeks of classes) and working, so I'm not getting online as much as I would like to. Just know that I am still trying to read along and comment. Come April I'll defiantly have some more time to devote to all of you.

Also, a big hi to all my new followers. If I'm not following your blog let me know, and I'll add you. <3


  1. Don't be too worried about your setbacks. I know you can get back on track. =) Don't ever give up!

    <3, Mae

  2. I'm trying to get around to commenting myself. >.<
    lack of cash is apparently a great solution to binging, it helped me for a good 2 weeks or so.
    Be careful with work though, don't push yourself too much.
    Stay strong hun. <3

  3. Hey im new to your blog :)
    and i feel exactly the same about juice, i always kick myself after i have it because it just seems like such empty calories..
    Anyway hope you get back to where you want to be soon

  4. I hate food weight, it's so frustrating.

    Love the picture!
    Stay strong. <3

  5. Normal is still better than bingeing! And it's like a sneak attack on your metabolism, which will encourage it to move faster. <3