Friday, March 4, 2011

Reached my goal

I was 119.2lbs this am. Not as low  as I would like, but the BF and I had some veggie sushi last night and a few chips (and soy sauce always makes me bloat) and I haven't shit again for a few days. I assume I'm holding on to some extra. As I know I need to go. I'm going to go drink a laxative tea after I post this.

Today is an 800 cal day, though it is a bit loose as the BF is here all day, and I'll be spending tomorrow with him.

Goal for the weekend: Do Not Gain. Maintain.


  1. Maintaining is better than gaining. Good for you. You're doing well. I would take it as a good sign that you haven't shit in a while. Once that goes down, you could lose around 3-4 lb! That's what it's always like for me. Take care!

  2. last year when i was in the process of losing weight i actually didn't shit for about 3 weeks. my body just took everything in as energy and i was weak anyway.

    as weird as it is though, i do miss it.