Thursday, March 31, 2011

Isn't it horrible...

....when you starve all day, plan a small supper (250 cals) and after you eat it it feels like it's way to much? Right now I feel like I binged. I know I didn't. I had breakfast this morning (125) so I'm only at 375 cals out of my allowed 600. I hate this. I feel like I may b/p if I purge my meal, but the temptation is so strong. I'm not going to though. I saved my calories for supper with my Dad, which we just had, so I'm okay. I didn't eat when I got home from work even though I was starving. I'm okay.

Also Dad's scale had me at 117lbs this am, but again, since it's a) analog and b) not my scale, I don't believe it. It's not an offical weight. Hopefully I have some results tomorrow morning. The BF may be coming over tonight, will have to convince him to have something healthy to snack on.

I will be skinny this summer.


  1. that feeling is terrible, i know what you mean. good job on spacing your intake out, though.


  2. Is that a photo of you? I assume you know that you're anorexic. But, it's your life. I won't tell you how to live it. I'm a smoker, and I hate it when people tell me that what I'm doing is killing me, so I won't tell you the same thing.