Sunday, August 8, 2010

Fiddled around with the layout again

And I think I'm happy. Not 100% but I'm okay.

I'm having a terrible time today trying to decide what to eat. I have no food in my apt right now as I'm going on vacation so that means I need to walk the 5 minutes to the grocery store if I want anything. I ended up not eating with the boyfriend last night (as we both fell asleep after watching Star Wars) so I don't feel guilty, but it's the decision making that is getting to me. I might wander around the store until I find something that calls to me, but that seems dangerous. I've had 250 calories today and I don't really feel hungry but I know I need to eat some more or my metabolism will die. Decisions, decisions.

Oh, and while watching Star Wars I noticed that you can see Harrison Ford's rib bones on his upper chest during the whole film. It was very distracting.

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