Thursday, August 12, 2010

Update from New York City!

Well I'm on vacation and I did not make my goal vacation weight. Also I decided against packing the measuring tape as I retain water for days after flying and it would just upset me.

Last night I took a cold shower (as the shower in my dorm room is apparently broken) as I walked around lost for about 2 hours yesterday then went to the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens for another 3 or so. So I smelled pretty bad. As I was washing my thighs I thought they looked pretty thin. I've never thought that before because I have runners thighs (my mother is a runner) though I don't run (but I can sprint very fast, and kick a ball very far, if I worked on my lung capacity/chronic bronchitis I could be a marathon runner like her). Even at my low weight they are large. Now looking at them they look fat and large to me, but it's always startling to see a quick glimpse of what people probably see when they look at me.

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  1. Yeah, I think I'm the same as you. Strong thighs. :) <3