Thursday, November 18, 2010

A few inches of breathing room

First, God I want that stomach. That body.

Second, I have nothing to do tomorrow! Nothing that needs to be done tomorrow. This is amazing. It literally hasn't happened in months. I think I may go to financial services at school tomorrow for my student loan, but I don't have too. I'm so freaking excited that its sad.

Been doing okay eating wise, defiantly not perfect. As I haven't lost any, but I haven't gained either. I think tomorrow I'll do a salt water flush, and get some exercise in. The world is my oyster.

Gods I'm lame. But hey, I'm happy with my lameness. I need to locate a $300 cheque from my mother that she sent me last month. So I guess I have to go looking for it. It's somewhere in my apartment. Which I need to clean anyways since the broiler went in our oven and I need to get the landlord in to fix it. And while it's not outwardly filthy everything is covered in a fine layer of grime.


  1. Oh my God, that picture has given me hope. I have huge hips, like that, so if I got rid of all the fat, that's close to what I'd look like!

  2. I have 'child bearing hips' aka huge hips too. The only bonus I guess that even thin I'll have curves.