Saturday, November 27, 2010

Still going...

Updated my SGD page. Binged yesterday but burned most of it off dancing.

I've lost a bit (down to 120.4lbs today) so I'm hoping a bit more comes off for official weigh in day tomorrow. Also since my period started a day early (my body likes to fuck with me in little ways) so hopefully my starting weight was a bit high due to water weight, and when it's done I'll be a bit less.

The boyfriends birthday is coming up, and I'm going to make him a cake. Hopefully I can get away with only eating a little piece. Then I have to take him out for supper. He'll probably pick sushi which isn't so bad.

I hope all you Americans made it through Thanksgiving all right. Another month and the holiday season is over. I don't get why this time of year has to be all about food.


  1. You probably have a few lbs of water.
    Idk either why the holidays have to be all about food...
    I hope you have fun with your bf!

  2. Every holiday has the same problem. Our independence celebration, the 4th of July, is all backyard barbecues, potato salad, cole slaw, and sheet cake. Valentine's Day is candy, chocolate, and an expensive dinner for couples. New Year's is liquid calories. This time of year is only slightly worse because our weather is terrible, we become sluggish and want to curl up before the fire with warm bellies.

  3. congrats on the 120 babe! :)

    Ps. I know right? it seems like the holidays that are based off food come clumped together :/ very annoying.