Monday, November 8, 2010

This is starting to wear me out

...the constant on the go ness. I just want a few days to sit around and relax. I can't wait till December. I'll have a few days a week to relax a bit more, with classes being done. I feel horrible that I haven't really been here for anyone. Also half the time I come on to post I end up having to run out the door. Plus I was just able to look at my bank account and my job didn't pay me last week. Gotta deal with that tomorrow on top of everything else. Thursday is a statutory holiday so I can't wait to do jack shit. Well I'll use the time to do assignments, which I desperately need to tackle.

Official weigh in at 122.4lbs. Le Sigh. I haven't been eating much but everything I eat is high calorie crap. It's time to buckle down. Next week I will be at 119 or under. No more excuses. I can't live at this weight.
Her body is to die for. If I could have any, I think I'd like hers. Though I generally prefer bones sticking out, I think I could be happy if I looked like that.


  1. You will get there, just be patient, concentrate on school stuff, that has to get done first then your head will be clear :) xx

  2. Ah, such great thinspo! I love it.
    Hope your job pays you. I'm in the same situation right now. Let's hope we get our damn money!
    haha. You'll do great this week. <3
    Stay Superstrong <3

  3. great thinspo! sucks when things are so busy it makes even simple things more stressful than need be. hang in there!

  4. Wow I love her body... and with all this busy-ness, use it as a distraction from food :) and thats a wonderful weigh in hun stay strong <3

  5. are you on the picture? you are very thin!
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