Sunday, November 28, 2010

Offically Back to GW1

Which is kinda a good/bad thing. I was less then this a few months ago, but I've been yo-yoing up and down but never hit 120. So it kinda feels like I'm not failing so hard as I have been.

I've been having some caffeine withdrawal headaches, since I've again been cutting back on drinking pop. I didn't have any yesterday till about 9pm when I went to the movies (HP7) and it was glorious. I only bought a small as I didn't want to chug a whole bunch and have to pee part way through the movie. Which I refuse to do 9 times out of 10 so I spend like a hour every movie thinking about how badly I need to pee. But not last night, score!

I was checking out my body today in the mirror (like I'm prone to do), and my spine is getting really visible. My ribs are starting to make a mini appearance, they are not there when I'm standing straight, but if I move in anyway there they are. The pros of having a large rib cage. I'm not really large framed (but I'm not small either because of my ribcage, which is what my doctor has told me, which means by default I'm medium framed) but a con because I know the boyfriend will say something sooner rather than later.

I have a few assignments due for Tuesday, plus working Tuesday for most of the day, as well as Wednesday, then an in class exam on Thursday, so I may not be able to update until after then. If I can update it will probably be tomorrow night (while procrastinating) and maybe Wednesday if I don't spend the night at the boyfriends (simply because he doesn't help the studying process as much as he thinks he does).


  1. Maybe start drinking tea to replace some of the caffeine lost from soda, with a healthy boost of antioxidants and to your metabolism as well. I drink hot or iced all day and never miss juice or soda. Be proud you've reduced so much so far, though. And for your visible bones!

  2. I actually don't really like tea or coffee but have them occasionally. I can't drink really hot or cold things (so my pop tends to be room tempurature). I've been drinking more water lately. I've cut way back on the pop, I just hadn't had any for about two days so I got a bit of a headache. I'm also prone to headaches (and migraines, oh what fun). This is nothing to when I cut back from about 14 cans a day to nothing. That was a horrific time. :D

  3. Well done, babe. :) You're so amazing.
    I'm sure you look lovely.
    Also, thanks for your comment on my post. It meant a lot to me that you shared all that.
    I'm sending you lots and lots of love!

  4. I am the same way about peeing during the movies! I will hold it for a three hour long film if I must :)

    I definitely think it's better to be at your first goal weight than above it. You'll be further below soon, never fear.

  5. I have a large ribcage too...i kind of like it too because I can see it even if I´m not thin.
    Congrats on being at GW1 sweetie!

  6. Jealous for the backbone!!! I'm just now able to see some of my ribs if I move, but I have a long way to go before I see backbone! Great job girl!

  7. Haha I do the same thing at movies--always drink too much and then spend half the movie debating whether or not to run to the bathroom. :/

    Good luck with all your assignments! <3