Monday, November 1, 2010


Tonight will be the first night I'm actually sleeping in my bed since last Sunday, over a week ago. I've been working so much this past week I should actually have some money come mid month.

I've been up and down with my eating because of how busy I have been but yesterday my Dads scale weighed me in at 120lbs.

Today I've had:
2 rice crackers 36 cals
Green Onion cakes 120cals (4/6 were purged)
Diet orange crush
Total: 156 cals

I may or may not have more. Probably something around 8 as even though right now I'm feeling stuffed, I'll probably be hungry later.

Come mid month I'm going to attempt the Russian Gymnast Diet. Possibly around the 20th. I'm going to focus on getting my intake lower over the next few weeks.

I have so many blogs to catch up on. I'll really try tonight. Though I may not get to every ones because I have to study/research for class tomorrow.


  1. Well done on the intake hun stay strong, and glad to hear from you :) <3 xx

  2. Wow...your intake was low! You gotta be happy with that:) Well done and keep strong! xx

  3. What is the Russian Gymnast Diet? Never herd of it.
    It's always nice to finally sleep in your own bed after a while of not being in it! Enjoy! You deserve it <3

  4. Sounds great babe. Your intake is brilliant.
    Good luck with that diet. If it goes well for you, I might try it as well.

  5. i have to agree - running at night is the best and congrats on the intake!!!

  6. Diet Orange Crush is delicious! I'm really craving one now, lol.

    What's your job?

  7. I work in a daycare (2 seperate jobs) and as a cashier in a grocery store. Neither of my jobs are near where I live so I tend to have to crash at my Dads (for daycare) or my boyfriends (for the cashier job) to not be completely exhausted.