Monday, November 15, 2010

A non productive day

And it has been glorious. Well I can't say it was totally unproductive. I went to school to get a reserve out of the library that I need for an assignment due Thursday, and ran into two of my three group members for the other project due in that class next week (both assignments together total 50% of my mark, eek). So I got the reading, and had an impromptu meeting which got a few things straightened out. I was going to go to financial services to get my loan application filled out but I didn't feel up to meeting new people. I'll probably go on Friday since I don't work, and I need to get library books out for an essay I have due next week too.

I modified my food today (switched out a few things) but ate around 650 cals (I had a handful of chips that I'm overestimating to be 100 cals). I know that if I was staying home tonight I would be fine, but alas I'm going to the boyfriends and I'm tempted by horrible greasy food. If I do binge I'm going to try to keep it under 300cals, and since tomorrow is busy (classes, then a work meeting) I probably won't get a chance to eat half as much as today. I also did my floor exercises and heading to the boyfriends involves about a half hour of walking, and I'll do some more floor exercises before I leave tonight.

I finally got around to cleaning my room yesterday. It's so nice to see floor. I also have a garbage bag full of garbage to throw out. And another one full of clothes that are just too big and I can't justify keeping and taking up space small in my tiny room (it's so small I don't have  a dresser, I got a second rod in my closet, some baskets, and I used an old desk with 3 draws as a side table/desk/more clothes storage). Around June next year I should be moving in with my boyfriend (that is when his lease is up, I'm on month to month starting in Jan, and my roommate is going to grad school in another province next September, and may WOOF again next summer (she did it for 5 months last year, all in the UK, this time she wants to do some in Germany and France) and if she does that, we can move in together in June instead of September.) We've been talking about what we want to rent/the location. Part of me wants to tell him we need 2 bedrooms so I can have the second one as a walk in closet. :D

My cat is sleeping next to me right now (and I think she may have sat on my lap if my laptop was not already there, since several times in the past day she has tried to walk on it, also Molly hardly ever sits on someones lap so shes being very sooky right now). My apartment feels a lot let lonely when shes here. Even when my roommate is home I don't like not having the cat here. It makes me so depressed. I once went to a psychic who said I'd never really live alone as I'll always need to have pets around to really make it feel like a home, and he's right.


  1. I'm the same way with my cat, Hermes. He keeps me company, and I don't feel quite so alone when he's around.

  2. Haha, that sounds fairly productive!
    I wish I had a cat! I would adore one.

  3. well done on the intake, and you had a more productive day than me haha :) xx