Tuesday, March 6, 2012

I didn't mean not to post for days

I tried to get on. I did. However; the boyfriend has been off for several days and it is hard to do anything ED wise online when he is around. Sure he knows but we don't talk about it, ever, so yeah. Awkward.

I binged for 3 days. Didn't track my calories. Luckily (and suckily) I'm back to 120lbs. It could  be worse. Today I'm staying under 500 calories today to try to make up for it. I'm already starving, stupid binging stretching out my stupid stomach.

I've been crap at reading/commenting on blogs lately. I will make it up to you all, promise. I'm going to chip away at it over today/tomorrow. Promise.


  1. If your on 500 cals a day your sure to loose the weight :D Just keep on going :) xx

  2. Ah I know all about the binging... and I also get so damn hungry afterwards! I know 500 cals is hard after a binge, you can do it though :)
    Alice xx

  3. My boyfriend and I are in a similar situation. He knows he just wishes he didn't and doesn't want to be reminded. So I understand why, and no worries :) your back now <3