Saturday, March 3, 2012

I got to see my scale today!

How sad is that that fact makes me so happy? I went to my apartment today to start organizing/cleaning before I move back in (and got rid of 3 bags of stuff for donation plus a couple of bags of garbage, and cleaned the bathroom), and there was my scale. MY SCALE. The only scale that I trust to give me an accurate weight. I had to step on her. She's a bitch and likes to lie, but she is mine. Of course I had eaten and was wearing clothes so she showed me her favorite weight for me 123.4lbs. I laughed. I wish I could take her here without it looking weird, because Dad has an analog scale. Oh well.

My stomach hurts. I've eaten too much today. Too much yesterday too. I was 120lbs this morning, and I suspect I'll be the same tomorrow because right now I'm sitting at around 122lbs and I tend only gain 2-3lbs during the course of the day. I hope that holds true for tomorrow.

I've been moving a lot more these past few days, doing a lot of cleaning/work. I feel accomplished though exhausted. I can't wait until I can work out for longer than 10 minutes at a time.


  1. That's not sad at all! New things are always exciting, especially scales. Mine's years old and is a piece of junk- I can't wait to get a nice one soon! It's true though, we get attached to scales over time and pretty soon, we have that one particular scale that we trust the most. I bet your feel tired- moving and cleaning is hard work!

  2. It's not sad! :) New things are always exciting :D No matter what they are! All that cleaning and work will sure help you loose :) xx

  3. I panic without my scales. I know how you feel <3