Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I have decided to give the scale a break

I was back up 3lbs this am. No idea why. I have successfully upped my water intake for today, and aiming to do even better tomorrow (I've had 6 glasses so far today, I hope to hit 8). This yo-yo on the scale is driving me batty. So I hope to not look at it until sunday and hopefully it will be down. I'm hoping drinking more water will push through sodium and other things that seem to be causing me to retain water.

I feel like I got shit done today. I made play dough at work (my hands are stained blue, red, and purple from it), and came home and cleared out the front yards' flower beds and cut down a dying cypress tree that I've been itching to get rid of since he bought the house. It was unseasonably warm here today (26C) and I think I may have gotten a bit of a sunburn since I was outside with the kids at work for an hour and a half plus the gardening. I don't tan, I burn, then return to my pasty whiteness.


  1. Scales can be so wonky and unreliable. I think laying off for a few days is a very smart idea. I wish I had the strength to just ignore the scale. Good job :)

  2. I'm magically up 3lbs today too! No idea how... weighed in when I woke up empty, 127.4. Went to class, came home still empty and weighed in at 130.0.
    believe me I understand your frustration!!
    Water sounds like a great plan! Flush out that fat, and burn as much as I can.
    have fun with gardening!
    love always,

  3. Maybe you could just weigh every few days? You see bigger results then too.
    Sometimes I find it hard to stay away from the scales though, even for a day. Unless I'm doing really badly, then I won't get on them.
    Alice xx

  4. You're right, those daily weight fluctuations can definitely drive you nutty! There's no logical reason why we should gain or lose 3 lbs in one day! That's a great idea though- stick the scale away and only pull it out once a week (I really need to adopt that plan because weight fluctuations only make me depressed!). Upping your water intake should do the trick and help get rid of water weight (keyword: should). Sounds like you had a great day- I'm the same as you, I rarely tan, only burn. 'Tis the Irish in me! ♥