Saturday, March 17, 2012

Time to focus

As I kinda can. I'm still really sleepy from the seroquel but not as bad as the first day. All I can say is for the 3 days I have taken it I haven't hallucinated. It's probably more of a placebo effect as it is way to early for it to effectively be working, and my hallucinations have been every other day maybe once or twice a day at most lately.

I decided that I want to be 115lbs for April 15th. That is 6lbs. Totally sensible and doable, if I keep my binging under control. Which I will. I've been eating kinda crapily too from being so tiered from my medications, but that will be changing as well. Going to start walking everyday (probably going to go do one once this post is over). I can do it. I must do it. If I do it it gives me 2 months to loose the other 5lbs I want to be down before my trip to Texas. I can't fail this time.

I'm thinking of buying myself a new swim suit to help motivate me to really work on my core. My stomach is so big because my core muscles are so weak. If I tighten them and loose some fat I may start to stop hating it so fucking much.

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  1. That girl has a gorgeous body!!! Your plan is very doable :) Good luck and stay motivated! xx